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Water Treatment Related Services

Fresh water shortage has become a global problem. Use of treated and disinfected wastewater for irrigation can be a good solution for conserving drinking water in areas with limited natural water resources. Photodynamic eradication of waterborne bacteria by immobilized photosensitizers may be a good alternative to conventional methods.

Water Treatment Related Services


Application of photosensitizers for water disinfection affords several advantages over other disinfectants:

Easy separation between the disinfecting agent and the treated water.

The possibility of designing a continuous process.

The possibility of reusing the photosensitizers in batch schemes.

Increased resistance of photosensitizers to bleaching by light and oxygen over free disinfectants.

Our Services

Photosensitizers can be applied for eradication of microorganisms in a free form, encapsulated into liposomes or immobilized onto solid supports. Alfa Chemistry' technical R&D team has focused on the preparation water treatment for many years and has advanced experimental equipments. It can customize products according to customer demands and meet the requirements of high standards, high purity and high quality. The services we can provide regarding water treatment include but are not limited to:

Evaluation of Photosensitizers Inclusion into Polymers

    We can provide evaluation of photosensitizers inclusion into polymers. The inclusion yield of photosensitizers into polymers was determined by taking the amounts of photosensitizers applied for immobilization and the non-incorporated amounts into account.

Testing Photosensitizers Leakage from the Polymers

    We can provide the technology of testing photosensitizers leakage from the polymers. Leakage of photosensitizers from the polymeric matrices was evaluated by soaking a known amount of coextruded polymer-photosensitizers pellets in a bath with a known volume of tap water at ambient temperature for washing from non-entrapped photosensitizers.

Antibacterial Activity Assay

    We can provide antibacterial activity assay. Antibacterial activity in a continuous regime was studied by flowing a suspension of bacteria in saline solution from the top down using the multi-channel peristaltic pump. Sampling was performed at the inlet and the outlet of the column and the bacterial concentration was estimated as the number of colony forming units per mL determined by the live count method.

Statistical Data Processing

    We can provide statistical data processing about water treatment. The results obtained from at least three independent experiments carried out in duplicates were statistically analysed by single-factor or two-factor ANOVA analyses.

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We can provide photosensitizers, and various effective solutions for problems encountered by water treatment. If you want to know more about our products, please contact us.

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