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Other Fluorescence Probes


With the development of science and technology, more and more kinds of fluorescent probes have been developed and gradually applied in various fields of daily life. In addition to the ion probes, organelle fluorescent probes and membrane potential probes mentioned above, there are many other types of probes, such as two-photon fluorescent probes and qPCR probes, which have received extensive attention in scientific research and application.


  • Two-photon fluorescence probes: Two-photon fluorescence probes in recent years have been widely applied in clinical diagnosis, disease monitoring and drug screening fields because of their high resolution, high resolution, high sensitivity, light bleaching, matt to poison, fixed target excitation, high transverse and longitudinal resolution and low of the organization of biological tissue optical absorption coefficient and low spontaneous fluorescence interference. Including two-photon ion probe, two-photon SO2 probe, two-photon pH probe, two-photon nucleic acid probe, two-photon cysteine probe, two-photon reactive oxygen probe, two-photon phosphoric acid probe, two-photon CO probe, two-photon polarity probe, viscosity and temperature probe and so on.

Other Fluorescence ProbesFig.1 Mechanism of recognition H2O2 by Two-photon TPGQD420-probe [1]

  • qPCR Probes: Fluorescence quantitative PCR (qPCR) is a new real-time quantitative detection of specific nucleic acid technology developed in recent years. It is an organic combination of nucleic acid probe technology, fluorescence resonance energy transfer technology and PCR technology. Fluorescent probe is the core of fluorescence quantitative PCR. qPCR is characterized by strong specificity, high sensitivity, good reproducibility, accurate quantitation, fast speed and total closed reaction, and has been widely used in basic scientific research, food safety detection, medical diagnosis, drug development, customs inspection and quarantine and other scientific research and practice fields.

Other Fluorescence ProbesFig.2 Schematic diagram of two common qPCR probes

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  • Zhao, W.; et al, Target-Activated Modulation of Dual-Color and Two-Photon Fluorescence of Graphene Quantum Dots for in Vivo Imaging of Hydrogen Peroxide. Anal. Chem. 2016, 88, 4833.

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