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Alfa Chemistry

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Supplier of High-Quality Chemicals, Custom Synthesis and Provider of Testing Services

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About Alfa chemistry

Alfa Chemistry provides you with a complete range of high quality photochemistry related products. It is the preferred partner of many universities, research institutions and non-profit organizations. If the product you are looking for is not in our catalog, we will be happy to provide you with customized synthesis service. Our well-trained chemists are dedicated to customized projects tailored to the needs of each customer.

About Alfa Chemistry

As a New York based global contract research organization (CRO), Alfa Chemistry has been serving the material chemistry and photochemistry for many years. The products listed on our website are in stock or can be synthesized within a reasonable time. Products in stock can be delivered within 3-5 working days after receiving the customer's purchase order. You can search our products through the search bar on our website. If you want to receive a copy of our catalogue, please contact us at .

About Alfa Chemistry

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We focus on providing high quality products, constantly improve R&D technology and improve service level, and hope to establish a happy long-term cooperative relationship with customers.

Based on our deep understanding of the field of photochemistry, we are committed to the process of delivering top quality solutions globally.

We always take responsibility for our products and services.

We strive to maintain our reputation of 100%-on-time delivery.

We actively communicate with customers in a result-oriented way.

World-class service capabilities.

Professional platform and excellent team.

Committed to quality.

World-level service functions.