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Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Related Services

Solar energy is an alternative energy resource with plenty of opportunities. Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) use low-cost nano-titanium dioxide and photosensitive dyes as the main raw materials, simulating the use of solar energy for photosynthesis by plants in nature, and converting solar energy into electrical energy.

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Related Services


Compared with traditional solar cells, DSSCs has the following advantages:

DSSCs have the long lifetime, up to 20 years.

Easy to manufacture, simple production process, easy to large-scale industrial production.

The preparation of the battery consumes less energy and the energy recovery cycle is short.

Non-toxic and non-polluting in the production process.

Our Services

DSSCs has drawn much attention due to their energy saving and environmental protection, low cost. Alfa Chemistry' technical R&D team has focused on the preparation DSSCs for many years, and has advanced experimental equipments. It can customize products according to customer demands and meet the requirements of high standards, high purity and high quality. The services we can provide regarding DSSCs include but are not limited to:

Photoanode Coating Technology

    Excessive ultraviolet (UV) radiations and oxygen environments cause quick dye degradation of the pigmented-photoanode in DSSCs. We can provide the photoanode coating technology. A protective layer such as a UV protection foil and UV absorbing luminescent chromophores was painted on top of the photoanode for the protection of the pigmented-layer from high UV radiations.

Solid-State Gel Electrolysis

    We can provide solid-state gel electrolysis to improve device stability, facilitate electron transfer, and increase the conversion efficiency of DSSCs.

Counter Electrodes

    Counter electrodes (CEs) in DSSCs have a critical role in determining the cell efficiency depending on their abilities to collect electrons coming for the photoanode side. We can provide optimal and scalable CEs.

Customization Process

Alfa Chemistry is a leading customer-centric biotechnology company that can customize and synthesize products according to customer needs. Our customization process includes consultation, contract signing, deposit payment, starting customization (laboratory or factory), customization completion (providing corresponding data and reports), balance settlement and mailing product.

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We can provide photosensitizers, photo catalyst, and various effective solutions for problems encountered by dye-sensitized solar cells. If you want to know more about our products, please contact us.

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