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Semiconductor Devices Related Services

Semiconductors are materials with conductivity between conductors and insulators at room temperature. Semiconductors are widely used in radios, televisions and temperature measurement. Common semiconductor materials include silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, and luminescent materials etc.

Semiconductor Devices Related Services

Synthesis Methods

The common synthesis methods of semiconductor devices are as follows:

Micromechanical exfoliation

Liquid-phase exfoliation

Epitaxial growth

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD)

Our Services

Semiconductors have been widely concerned for a long time. Alfa Chemistry' technical R&D team has focused on the preparation semiconductor devices for many years and has advanced experimental equipments. It can customize products according to customer demands and meet the requirements of high standards, high purity and high quality. The services we can provide regarding semiconductor devices include but are not limited to:

Epitaxial Wafer Service

    Epitaxy is the process of growing a structure on top of another crystal layer or substrate in a specific crystal direction, where the direction is determined by the underlying crystal. We can provide epitaxial wafer service for semiconductor device according to customer needs.


    Silicon wafer annealing can reduce the stress in the silicon, activate or move dopants, densify the deposited or grown film, and repair the damage in the implanted wafer processing. We can provide annealing solutions for wafers with various sizes.

Chemical Functionalization

    Luminescence modulation via alloying usually requires the constituent materials to be isostructural to maintain the minimal lattice mismatch. We can provide technology of chemical functionalization for semiconductor devices according to customer needs.

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We can provide photosensitizers, luminescent materials, and various effective solutions for problems encountered by semiconductor devices. If you want to know more about our products, please contact us.

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