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Materials Characterization

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Alfa Chemistry has many years of experience in retesting materials and can provide customized testing services according to customer requirements. And can perform normal material analysis and characterization according to standard guidelines and methods. Our service types include but are not limited to photoelectric materials, nanomaterials, quantum dots, textiles and so on.

Structure characterization: Alfa Chemistry use modern chromatographic techniques such as NIR, IR, UV, MS and HPLC to characterize the chemical structure of samples, so as to better study the relationship between atomic structure, molecular structure, crystal structure and properties.

Structure characterization
  • Molecular weight analysis
  • Elemental analysis
  • Functional group analysis

Morphological structure analysis: Morphological structure is the geometric arrangement form between solid polymer macromolecular chains. After different forming and processing conditions, polymers with the same chemical structure can form a variety of morphological structures. The properties of materials are different with different morphology and structure.

Morphological structure analysis
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Scanning electron
  • Small Angle X-ray
  • Transmission electron
  • Electron microscope
  • Optical microscope

Material properties analysis: The analysis of the properties of materials including thermodynamic properties, photoelectromagnetic properties, electrochemical properties and so on is closely related to the application direction of materials.

Material properties analysis
  • Electromagnetic Parameter Radar Absorption Testing
  • Simultaneous Thermal Analysis
  • Gas Adsorption/ Chemisorption Performance
  • DC/AC Magnetic Properties
  • Dielectric Ferroelectric Properties
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry
  • Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)
  • Physical Adsorption Performance
  • Fluorescence Performance Analysis
  • Spin Paramagnetic Resonance

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