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Custom Synthesis of Functional Dyes and Intermediates

Alfa Chemistry provides customers with exclusive customized synthetic services in order to meet your requirements in the shortest time. Which enables researchers to focus on what they are good at, speed up research and development progress, save research funds, and avoid wasting valuable time on compound synthesis.

Fluorescent dyes are widely used because of their special fluorescent properties. As a functional dye, fluorescent dyes absorb light at one wavelength and emits light at a wavelength greater than that of the absorbed light.

Custom Synthesis of Functional Dyes and Intermediates

In industry, fluorescent dyes are often used as whitening agents in whitening laundry powder, various fluorescent road sign paints for indicating signals, fluorescent clothing, detection of leaky sewage systems, printing and dyeing of fiber fabrics, some special marks (such as dark signs) and military tracking, etc.

In scientific research, due to its high sensitivity and easy operation, fluorescent dyes have gradually replaced radioisotopes as detection markers, and are widely used in areas such as fluorescent immunity, fluorescent probe, and cell imaging.

Our services

Alfa Chemistry provides customized synthesis services for cyanine, rhodamine, luciferin, BODIPY, pyrene and other common research fluorophores and various industrial fluorescent dyes. The synthetic services we provide include but are not limited to:

Synthesis and customization of various fluorescent dye products

Analysis and test of product structure and performance

Evaluation of product quality

Why me

  • Most important: Alfa Chemistry have rich synthetic experience and professional team.
  • Meet your individual needs to the greatest extent.
  • Not only according to your literature and route synthesis, but also can provide you with a new reasonable route design.
  • Our technical team is proficient in scaling up and process optimization, and can provide you with sufficient technical support from R&D to production.
  • High quality and strong competitiveness.
  • The synthesis cycle is short and the efficiency is high.

Customization process

Our customization process includes product consulting, contract signing, deposit payment, laboratory R&D or factory customization, and sample mailing. We will provide the data when the customization is complete.

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We can provide customized services for functional dyestuff products, including design and development. If you want to know more about our products, please contact us.

Please kindly note that our products and services are for research use only.