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Sunlight is a kind of electromagnetic wave, divided into visible and invisible light. According to the wavelength division, 10-380nm is ultraviolet light, 380-780nm is visible light, 780-1060nm is infrared light, 3000nm below is near infrared light. Some functional dyes are also named according to their wavelengths.

Products by wavelengthFig.1 Spectral range


According to the wavelength, the dyes can be divided into near-infrared dyes, light dyes and uv absorption dyes. They are widely used in fluorescent probes, biomarkers, biomedical imaging, solar energy technology, printing and other industries. For, example:

  • Tumor treatment: As a kind of tumor imaging agent and treatment medium, NIR absorption dyes play an important role in tumor detection and treatment. NIR absorption dyes can transition to an excited singlet after absorbing a particular wavelength of near infrared light, and some of the energy of the excited state will be attenuated in the form of radiation at a longer wavelength, which is called fluorescence. During the diagnosis, the target tissue after administration will show a strong fluorescent signal in the tumor area, which can effectively distinguish the tumor from normal tissue.

Products by wavelengthFig.2 Near infrared imaging system

  • Laser goggles: The main material of LLL night vision goggles is near infrared color filters. After use, the lighting system of the aircraft will not emit light and energy that interfere with the low-light night vision device after night vision compatibility improvement, so that it can normally play the night vision function and ensure the pilot to successfully complete the combat mission. The key to develop the NIR filter in accordance with the military standard lies in the variety selection and dose of the NIR absorption dye.

Products by wavelengthFig.3 LLL night vision goggles

  • Digital inkjet printing: Digital inkjet printers are widely used in home, office and commercial printing because they are cheap and easy to use. In the digital inkjet printer to increase the nozzle detection system, to monitor the working state of the nozzle, so that the ink can be continuously sprayed to the specified position. The near-infrared absorption dye is a sensing substance that continuously monitors the status of the nozzles and repairs blocked nozzles, thus ensuring the proper operation of the printer and ensuring the quality of the print.

Products by wavelengthFig.4 Close-up of inkjet printers in large machines

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