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Fluorescence Quantitative PCR (qPCR)

Service description:

qPCR is an organic combination of nucleic acid probe technology, fluorescence resonance energy transfer technology and PCR technology. It has the characteristics of strong specificity, high sensitivity, good reproducibility, accurate quantification, fast speed and completely closed reaction. It has been widely used in basic scientific research, medical diagnosis, drug development, customs inspection and quarantine and other scientific research and practice fields. According to your scientific research needs, we can provide you with qPCR detection services, through the DNA or RNA fluorescence quantitative PCR monitoring, to achieve the relative quantitative, absolute quantitative and qualitative analysis of genes.

Fluorescence Quantitative PCR (qPCR)

  • Two main methods: SYBR Green fluorescent dye/TaqMan probes
    Specific primer design and synthesis
    mRNA/miRNA qualitative and quantitative analysis
    qPCR reagents are in full compliance with international standards (MIQE)

  • Service process:
    Step1: Specific primers or fluorescent probes are designed according to the gene sequence
    Step2: Sample DNA/ RNA extraction, electrophoresis, reverse transcription
    Step3: Real time PCR, amplification curve, dissolution curve, expression difference analysis and other experiments
    Step4: After the experiment, complete experiment report (including software analysis results), primer and other experimental materials will be provided

  • The customer requirements:
    Before starting the service, please consult our company in detail, and we will design a personalized and optimal experimental scheme according to your experimental purpose. In order to ensure the reliability of the experimental data, the customer should provide fresh materials and detailed experimental background information as far as possible, we ensure that every sample is triplex, and ensure that the dissolution curve is single.

Please kindly note that our products and services are for research use only.