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AIE Fluorescent Microspheres


Aggregation-induced emission (AIE) fluorescent microspheres are fluorescent microspheres with AIE characteristics. Unlike conventional fluorescent materials, which often suffer from aggregation-induced quenching (ACQ), AIE fluorescent microspheres become more emissive upon aggregation. These microspheres are usually composed of polymers and small molecules with AIE properties. They can be synthesized in a variety of sizes, from nanometers to microns, and can be functionalized for specific applications. For example, AIE fluorescent microspheres can be used in biotechnology, nanomedicine, materials science, and environmental monitoring.

As a professional company of AIE fluorescent microspheres, Alfa Chemistry is dedicated in providing AIE fluorescent microspheres in various types to cater to diverse research needs. Here are the common AIE fluorescent microspheres we can offer.

Technical Parameters

AIE Fluorescent Microspheres

CompositionPolystyrene (PS)

Particle Size Range50nm – 500nm

Particle Size UniformityCV <5%

Solid Content1wt%

Surface ModificationCarboxyl, amino, epoxide groups, etc.

AdditiveTrace amounts of surfactant

Storage2 – 8℃ (Do not freeze)

Shelf Life2 years

Product NameCatalogOptimum emission wavelengthMaximum emission wavelengthParticle sizeSolid contentPackage size
Carboxylate-Modified Microspheres (Blue)PHC-LM-0001365nm415nm200nm1%5ml,10ml,25ml
Carboxylate-Modified Microspheres (Green)PHC-LM-0002400nm530nm50nm1%5ml,10ml,25ml
Carboxylate-Modified Microspheres (Red)PHC-LM-0007365nm610nm200nm1%5ml,10ml,25ml
Carboxylate-Modified Microspheres (Yellow)PHC-LM-0010400nm550nm200nm1%5ml,10ml,25ml
Amine-Modified Microspheres (Green)PHC-LM-0013400nm530nm200nm1%5ml,10ml,25ml
Epoxy-Modified Microspheres (Green)PHC-LM-0014400nm530nm200nm1%5ml,10ml,25ml


Biomedical Imaging

Biomedical Imaging







AIE fluorescent microspheres hold great promise in biomedical imaging due to their unique properties and versatility. They can be widely used as a valuable tool for biomedical imaging applications, paving the way for advances in basic research, diagnosis, and clinical translation, such as in cell labeling and tracking, intracellular imaging, tissue imaging, in vivo imaging, fluorescence-guided surgery, etc.

FLISA (fluorescence-linked immunosorbent assay) is a variation of the traditional ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) technology that uses fluorescence rather than enzyme activity to detect and quantify the presence of specific analytes. By leveraging the advantages of AIE fluorescent microspheres, researchers can develop sensitive, reliable, and high-throughput FLISA assays for a wide range of biomedical and clinical applications, such as biomarker detection, disease diagnosis, and drug discovery.

Integrating AIE fluorescent microspheres into ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) assays has many benefits, including enhanced sensitivity, multiplexing capabilities, reduced background noise, and compatibility with automated platforms. These advantages make AIE fluorescent microspheres widely used in research, diagnosis and drug development.

Integrating AIE fluorescent microspheres into LFCA (lateral flow chromatographic assay) assays offers a number of advantages, including enhanced sensitivity, multiplexing capabilities, quantitative analysis, improved stability, etc. These benefits make AIE microspheres an invaluable tool for the development of rapid and reliable diagnostic tests for a variety of applications including clinical diagnostics, environmental monitoring, food safety, and point-of-care testing.

Product Features

As a leading supplier of AIE fluorescent microspheres, Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing researchers with advanced fluorescent labeling solutions to drive innovation and progress in a variety of fields. Here are the features of our products.



Good fluorescence stability.


Uniform particle size

Ensure the quality of back-end products.


Large Stokes shifts

Good fluorescence stability.


High amount of surface modifying groups

Sufficient quantities of target proteins can be coupled efficiently.



We can customize products according to customer requirements.

As a provider of AIE fluorescent microspheres, Alfa Chemistry serves you wholeheartedly in the field of AIE solutions. Please check out our state-of-the-art AIE fluorescent microspheres - the ultimate solution for all your fluorescence imaging and detection needs. Please feel free to contact us to learn more.

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