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Fluorescent materials are widely used in the field of fluorescent biosensors due to their strong absorption capacity, high conversion rate, and stable physical and chemical properties. Fluorescence biosensors use fluorescent materials to label biological substances, thereby displaying biological recognition events as electrical and optical signal changes, realizing quantitative analysis of biological and chemical information.

BiosensorFigure 1. The biosensor in the laboratory.


Fluorescence biosensors are mainly used for clinical diagnosis, environmental testing, forensic identification and life science research. Common fluorescent biosensors are as follows:

  • Fluorescence Quantum Dot Biosensor

Because quantum dots have high fluorescence quantum yield, resistance to photobleaching, narrow and symmetrical emission spectrum, wide-range continuous laser spectrum and long fluorescence lifetime, the quantum dots become one of the most ideal materials for fluorescent biosensors. In addition, the light stability and fluorescence lifetime of quantum dots are much higher than that of organic dye molecules, which are suitable for long-term real-time detection and time-gated detection.

  • Fluorescent Nano-Capsule Biosensor

The fluorescent nano-capsule biosensor is fluorescent dyes encapsulated with chemically inert matrix to form a sensor like capsule. Compared with traditional fluorescent nano-biosensors, the encapsulation of fluorescent dyes in an inert matrix reduces the interference of organelles and protects the cell from the poison of fluorescent dyes at the same time.

What Can Alfa Chemistry Do?

Alfa Chemistry's technical R&D team has focused on the preparation and application of fluorescent materials for many years, which has established long-term cooperative relationships with many well-known enterprises and research institutions. We have conducted research on various problems encountered by biosensor, which can select the appropriate solution according to the customer's experimental purpose. The related technologies of biosensor we provide are as follows:

  • We can provide related tests of fluorescent materials, such as fluorescence lifetime, fluorescence emission spectrum, and quantum yield.
  • We also can customize solutions to meet customer needs in order to help researchers solve the problems.

Please kindly note that our products and services are for research use only.