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Photoluminescence materials


Photoluminescent materials refer to the materials with certain luminescence properties in the dark environment after ultraviolet light, sunlight or ordinary light irradiation, also called long afterglow luminescent materials and energy storage luminescent materials. Including reflective materials, fluorescent materials, self - luminous and phosphorescent objects.


Photoluminescence materials are commonly used in lighting sources in daily life, and are widely used in weak light display, aerospace, textile printing and dyeing, laser equipment and other aspects.

  • Lighting source: One of the important application areas of luminescent materials is the illumination source, including low-pressure mercury lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp, color fluorescent lamp and ultraviolet lamp. Low pressure mercury lamp light intensity is low, light curing speed is slow, small heat, mainly used for germicidal lamp, fluorescence analysis. High pressure mercury lamp has long light efficiency, long life and energy saving economy. It is mainly used for plaza and street lighting. The inner wall of color fluorescent lamp has fluorescent powder, which can emit various colors of visible light after absorbing ultraviolet radiation. It is a relatively energy-saving light source at present.

Photoluminescence materialsFig.1 Application of photoluminescent materials in illumination

  • Laser equipment: Luminescent materials can be excited through the laser to emit laser can be used to process high melting point materials, can also be used in medical, precision measurement, holographic detection, isotope separation, information processing, nuclear fusion lamp.

Photoluminescence materialsFig.2 Laser cutting and laser ranging

  • Night Ming facilities: Nightlight facility is based on long afterglow materials, which means that the luminescence of luminescent materials does not disappear immediately after excitation, but lasts for a long time. This material can be used as emergency display and safety lighting in dark places, at night or after a sudden power failure.

Photoluminescence materialsFig.3 Night Ming facilities

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